Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Association - Annual Meeting | October 17, 2015

Presented By :

Program Chair and Director: Harish Hosalkar, MD — San Diego (ORA President)
Co-Director: Keith Baldwin, MD, MPH - Philadelphia

Location :

Holiday Inn Carlsbad
2725 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad

Meeting Description :

  • 6:45 AM
    Registration, Breakfast and View Exhibits
  • 7:30 AM

    Welcome & Introductions

    Harish Hosalkar, MD; Keith Baldwin, MD, MPH

  • 7:40 AM

    HIP SYMPOSIUM: Joint Reconstruction, Joint Preservation and Rehab

    Moderators: Harish Hosalkar, MD; David Fabi, MD

    • Traditional Posterolateral Replacement — Christopher Hajnik
    • Anterior Hip Replacement — Peter Hanson, MD
    • Super-Path Hip Replacement — Harbinder Chadha, MD
    • Revision Hip Replacement — David Fabi, MD
    • Hip Joint Preservation: Where are we today? — Harish Hosalkar, MD
    • Heterotopic Ossification: What do we know? — Keith Baldwin, MD, MPH
  • 9:00 - 9:30 AM
    Coffee Break
  • 9:30 AM


    Moderators: Sanjay Ghosh, MD; Kristopher Downing, MD

    • Total Shoulder Arthroplasy — Okechukwu Anakwenze, MD
    • Total Elbow Arthroplasty — Kristopher Downing, MD
    • MIS Lumbar Spine Surgery — Sanjay Ghosh, MD
    • MIS Cervical Spine Surgery — Vikram Udani, MD
    • Knee Arthroplasty and MAKO Robotic technology — Jeremy McCandless, MD
  • 10:45 AM


    Chair: CDR David Dromsky, MD, MC, USN (Ret); Co-Chair: Harish Hosalkar, MD
    Session Moderator: David Dromsky MD, MC, USN (Ret)

    • Epidemiology and Management of Combat Injuries — CDR David Dromsky MD, MC, USN (Ret)
    • Complex Lower Extremity Reconstruction — CDR Kevin Kuhn, MC,USN
    • Complex Foot Reconstruction — LCDR Joseph Bellamy, MC, USN
    • Advances in Lower Extremity Prosthetics and Rehabilitation — Mr. Brian Zalewski, Prosthetist
  • 12:30 - 2:00 PM
    Lunch Break. Networking and View Exhibits
  • 2:00 PM


    Session Moderator: CDR David Dromsky MD, MC, USN (Ret)

    • Complex Upper Extremity Reconstruction — CDR Leo Kroonen, USNR
    • Advances in Upper Extremity Prosthetics and Rehabilitation — Brian Zalewski, Prosthetist
    • Overview of the Comprehensive Complex Casualty Care Center - Cpt. Jennifer Town, MC, USN (Ret)
    • Upper Extremity Reanimation Using Nerve-Tendon Transfers and Muscle Transplants - Justin Brown, MD
    • Summary and Future Research Directions — CDR David Dromsky, MC, USN (Ret)
  • 4:30 PM

    Vote of Thanks and Adjourn

    Harish Hosalkar, MD

  • NOTE
    Faculty Dinner will be hosted at the STRATUS restaurant on Friday, October 16, between 6:00 - 9:00 PM. All Faculty to RSVP.

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Member Restriction : All

Contact Preson : Harish Hosalkar, MD & Keith Baldwin, MD, MPH

Address : Holiday Inn Carlsbad
2725 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad

Telephone : (760) 726-5800

Date and Time : 17-10-2015 06:00

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